Birth Prevalence of Sickle Cell Disease and County-Level Social Vulnerability — Sickle Cell Data Collection Program, 11 States, 2016–2020

Authors: Kayle M, Blewer AL, Pan W, Rothman JA, Polick CS, Rivenbark J, Fisher E, Reyes C, Strouse JJ, Weeks S, Desai JR, Snyder AB, Zhou M, Sutaria A, Valle J, Horiuchi SS, Sontag MK, Miller JI, Singh A, Dasgupta M, Janson IA, Galadanci N, Reeves SL, Latta K, Hurden I, Cromartie SJ, Plaxco AP, Mukhopadhyay A, Smeltzer MP, Hulihan M

Categories: Academic Publications, Peer-reviewed Articles